The fishing at Whale Pass and Upper Clarence Straight is phenominal. From the incredible run of summer silver salmon in the bay and at Neck Lake outlet to the superb halibut fishing in Kashevarof Passage and beyond, the fishing is hard to beat. The silvers arrive in mid-June, are thick by July, and remain strong through to fall. Pinks and sockeyes join in the mix as summer progresses. Tossing large spinners at the outlet of Neck Lake is always reliable, but fish can also be caught on the fly using various attractor patterns. The same patterns hold true in the oulet stream, with egg patterns getting the nod for fly fisherman.

The bay itself is also a prime area for dungeness crab, and we provide crab pots as part of your boat package. It’s easy to catch a mess of crabs for dinner!

Prince of Wales is loaded with fresh water opportunities beyond Whale Pass. There is superb fishing for dolly varden in numerous local streams, excellent runs of sockeye salmon at Sarkar Creek, and Red Bay, excellent fishing for cutthroat trout in Neck Lake with trophy trout possible, and outstanding fishing for rainbow trout in Red Bay Lake.

All in all, you'll be challenged to find better multi-species angling opportunity over such an extensive fishing season!


Gearing Up

With the right tackle and a little guidance from us, we can put you on fish fairly easily.

We do not provide rods and reels, so you must bring your own. We recommend the following gear:

#4-6 spinners for Silvers (firetiger is a top choice)

#2 spinners for Dolly Varden (red always seems to work well)

12 lb test mono or 15 lb test braid for Silvers, 4 lb test for Dolly Varden

from early May through June there is good trolling for Kings in the Clarence Straight, with fewer fish taken in July.

8 weight fly rods for Silvers, 4 or 5 weight for Dolly Varden or trout

50 to 100 lb class outfits for Halibut, preferably braid

6 to 10 ounces of weight at slack tide, 12 to 36 ounces of weight when tides are running strong

we fish halibut with salmon bellies and herring, but also do well on butterfly style jigs from 8 to 16 ounces



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