Outstanding Opportunities for Self-Guided Waterfowl, Deer and Bear Hunting

Incredible Waterfowl Hunting

The waterfowl hunting opportunities on Northern Prince of Wales island are unsurpassed. There is no better duck hunt in Alaska than on the north end of Prince of Wales, hunting over world class dogs. We offer you superb hunting for sea ducks, geese and puddle ducks with no hunting pressure.

Be sure to check out our good friend "dogman" Jim Sawyer at www.fiveoaksretreat.com. Jim is a southern gentlemen, with the "hands down" finest British Labs in the country. We've been honored to have him work with ours!


Sitka Black Tailed Deer

Prince of Wales island offers exceptional sitka black tail deer hunting. September is the month to hunt the alpine, October is prerut, and November is the rut season. Late fall is the Cook family's favorite time to be in the woods. Mornings are frosty, and weather is across the board, from a skiff of snow to bright sunshine days. All in all, the late fall offers temperatures that allow hunters to hang their deer.

The harvest limit is 4 bucks per person, one buck per tag. The most common way to hunt deer on the island is the "spot and stalk" method. Sitka Blacktail deer also respond well to fawn distress or predator calls. Later in the fall as the rut approaches the buck come into calls more easily. Hunting for Sitka Blacktail deer is a unique experience and there isn't a milder tasting deer on earth.


Black Bear

If you are after a trophy black bear, Prince of Wales is the place to hunt, offering the highest population density of trophy black bears in the world! Studies have shown that bears on Prince of Whales have a skull size averaging of one and a half inch larger than bear populations of the same age found anywhere else in North America. With a spring hunt offered in April, May and June and a fall black bear season in September and October, opportunities for the self-guided hunter are limited only by the imagination.

During spring, bears frequent beaches and tide flats, foraging for mussels, crabs and grasses. In fall, bears key in on the salmon spawning streams and berry patches. Typical bears weigh in between 300 to 500 pounds, while a large fall bear can be as heavy as 700 pounds. Skulls average 19" to 21".


Mountain Goat

Inquire about incredible opportunites for a trophy mountain goat hunt.


Bow Hunting

The combination of dense old growth rain forest and countless salmon streams offers the ideal close range scenario for the bow hunter. Success artes on Prince of Wales for bow hunters are higher than


The Skiff Advantage

Renting our 20' Alumaweld Stryker Jet opens tremendous opportunity for a hunter to comb thousands of miles of shoreline and reach otherwise inaccessable beaches and streams. The jet allows for superb shallow water access and easy shoreline landing.



A non-resident hunting license is $85. Black bear tags are available through a draw, and are $225. Sitka blacktail tags are $150. We suggest that you purchase your license and tag online in advance at www.admin.adfg.state.ak.us/buyonline.

Black bear can be hunted in Alaska without a guide.




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Why Hunt Prince of Wales?

  • affordable world class hunting, with some of the best waterfowl opportunity in Alaska
  • the densest population of trophy black bears in the world
  • incredibly abundant sitka black tailed deer
  • a comfortable cabin to come home to, and a beautiful lodge to enjoy excellent dining
  • rifle or bow, we set you up for success in some of the finest hunting grounds in Alaska
  • a 20' Alumaweld Stryker Jet offers easy shore line access, opening up incredible opportunity
  • prime opportunity for hunting and fishing combination trip